Another year has almost gone – EUTS AGM

Dear friends of the Tango Society,

It is with my heart full of emotion that I am writing this post. As we are approaching March, an important date is coming closer: on the 16th of March we are having our unique and unmissable Annual General Meeting, where we’ll update our Society Constitution and, importantly, elect a new super committee for the upcoming year.

Let me first say that it has been a pleasure to work together with the amazing people that made this year’s committee: Yavor, Konstanze, Karolis, Veni, Igor, Lana and Filip – thanks for all the effort you have put into making this year successful. I hope you are as satisfied as I am.

Indeed, it has been a wonderful year, full of new lovely people, exciting events and, most importantly, a LOT of dancing! I hope all of you have fully enjoyed it, and I hope some of you got curious about what’s happening behind the scenes. Organising events and running a society may be hard work, but it is totally worth it for the reward and satisfaction you can get from it. And when it is for the Tango Society, these feelings are multiplied by the fact that you do it for a unique, lovely community – if you love dancing, you’d love giving other people the opportunity to dance.

I’ll try to keep it brief, here we go…

The Tango Society committee is made of 8 members, 3 of which are needed for the society to exist and can only be UoE students (these are highlighted in bold below). Although each position is officially responsible for some aspects of the society’s life, these are very flexible and the roles often intermingle – as a committee, you will work all together to keep the society going and, usually, the more one wants to do, the better. ☺

Here are the short role descriptions. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that one is just what you’d like to do next year!


  • President (Teresa): responsible for running the society in general, making sure that everything, from money to classes to social events, is going on well. It is a position of great responsibilities, but also of great powers 😉
  • Secretary (Filip): right-hand of the president, the secretary has to help organising classes and evets, taking care of venues and administrative tasks. Importantly, they write our weekly newsletter!
  • Treasurer (Yavor): responsible for the financial administration, has to keep track of the society’s money and accounts. Also, has a major say in how to spend the money!
  • Vice-President (Veni): a support for everyone, the vice-president helps around with anything/everything, from administration to keeping in contact with members. Historically, the VP also organises the Firbush weekend.
  • Social Secretary (Konstanze): what would a society be, without a person that takes care of its social aspects? The social secretary organises social events, looks after the community and makes sure that everyone in the society is feeling welcomed and loved ☺
  • IT (Karolis): responsible mainly (but not only!!) for the maintenance of our amazing and super cool website. Helps administrating the facebook page too.
  • PR (Lana): responsible for PRomoting, PRomoting and PRomoting! A PR usually has to design flyers, posters and membership cards, and spreads the word of tango everywhere.
  • KB Executive (Igor): this new position was established last year. The KB executive needs to be an active presence in KB, making sure that everything there runs smoothly and that we are well-advertised to scientists and engineers too!


The non-core positions (not in bold) are not necessary for the society to exist, however it is strongly recommended that they are maintained. It would definitely be less fun just in 3!
If you are thinking of, or are interested in, running for a position, and want more information – how it actually feels, how much work it is, etc – just send us an email to or come and talk to us at any class/event!

Even if you are not planning to run, you should come to our AGM anyway. It is usually great fun, and it is in all of our members’ interest to elect a committee that they approve. Plus, we’ll go celebrating the old and new committees in the pub straight afterwards…!

So, save the date: Wednesday, 16th March around 8.15 pm in The Study, just after Toby’s class.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Your (almost former.. ) President,



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